B. Landscape Architecture (Hons1) UNSW - 2019

B. Arts (Development Studies) UNSW - 2014


AILA National Student Prize - 2018

Harry Howard Prize - 2018

Sustainability Awards 'Future Leader' finalist - 2019, 2020

Kaylie Salvatori

Director | Indigenous Design Strategist

A Saltwater Budawang (Yuin) Woman, Kaylie is a landscape architect, Indigenous design strategist, educator, researcher and artist. Specialising in Indigenous design collaboration, Kaylie’s work centres Country as design generator and driver, asserting the right and need for Traditional Owners and Indigenous knowledge holders to hold power in the design process.

Kaylie works in public, community and private spaces, emphasising the importance of (re)connecting to the systems, plants and animals that support the health of Country and therefore communities. Kaylie’s work is driven by her cultural heritage, as she works to reconnect herself with Country, Indigenous knowledge and community through her design processes.

A big picture creative, Kaylie excels at concept ideation, strategy and visualisations, whilst enjoying fine tuning her detailed design via planting and materiality selection. A passionate and enthusiastic project coordinator, Kaylie is motivated by delivering quality projects from concept design and development through to construction detailing and delivery.


B. Landscape Architecture (Hons) UNSW - 2017

Dip. Computational Design USYD - 2008

Patrick Campbell

Co-Founder | Production Lead

An avid nature enthusiast, bush regenerator and non-Indigenous ally Patrick is passionate about connecting people with nature and environmental ethics. Patrick works in public, community and private spaces, emphasising the importance of supporting habitat and natural ecosystems, as well as respecting and learning from the Traditional Owners that have managed these lands for eons.

Patrick’s work is driven by his love for nature and the outdoors, as he works to learn more about systems and ecology through his design process. Patrick has a keen interest in social ecologies and placemaking, working to produce regenerative design outcomes through engendering environmental stewardship.

A detail oriented and practical creative, Patrick excels at design development, material selection, detailed design and problem solving with creative solutions. Patrick has a keen interest in native planting and excels at planting design, bush regeneration management and ecological design planning. A friendly and enthusiastic project manager, Patrick delivers quality projects via conscientious design and project coordination.

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