Walawaani! Warami! Welcome!

Thank you so much for taking interest in our practice and what we do here at COLA Studio. An acronym for Country Oriented Landscape Architecture, COLA Studio is a majority Indigenous owned company run as a small family practice by Yuin woman, Kaylie Salvatori, in partnership with her non Indigenous partner, Patrick Campbell.

COLA Studio centres Country in all of our designs, specialising in community offerings and working on a pay the rent module for private work. Our approach to public spaces, community offerings and living infrastructure involves collaboration with Traditional Custodians and Cultural Knowledge Holders in order to facilitate the aspirations of community and amplify the voice of Country across designs. Where collaboration is impractical, we aim to support the habitat, plants and ecological systems that keep nature healthy, whilst engendering a culture of care in the people that will use and maintain the spaces.

COLA Studio is a start-up boutique design practice specialising in Indigenous design and Country centred landscape architecture. We provide Indigenous design strategies and landscape architectural services for a range of projects across the built environment, and are always interested in collaborating with other like minded consultants, clients and communities. Our design ethos always works to strengthen and restore Country and connect community to the systems that keep us healthy, exploring the ways in which design can foster a culture of care, suport health and wellbeing and creative expression.

We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about any aspirations you may have for Country.

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